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Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries believes community support is about strengthening vital connections with people and their neighbourhoods. We believe making a valuable contribution to the community adds up to more than dollars and cents. Our Community Support and funding programs allows us to partner on projects which add lasting value for our communities.

We will consider financial support requests that support our core business interests and promote quality of life in Manitoba through arts and culture, health, major sporting events, and broad based provincial initiatives.

All submissions should be forwarded at least 90 business days prior to an event. For Golf Tournaments, please note our program support decisions are made early in the calendar year and we therefore we require requests of this nature submitted by November 1st for the following golf season. Although requests are considered on an ongoing basis, all organizations interested in partnering with us are asked to submit only one proposal per year.

You will generally receive a response within 30 days. To help us review your request and respond to you without delay, please ensure your proposal is comprehensive by completing the questionnaire and attaching any further detailed documents when prompted. 


Under normal circumstances we respond to requests for financial support within 30 business days. If your request has been declined, the reasons will be clearly stated.

If a contribution is less than $10,000 and the recipient uses the Corporation's name or logo in association with the funding, the Corporation may issue a Letter of Agreement.

If a contribution of over $10,000 has been approved, you will be asked to sign a Letter of Agreement as part of the funding approval and payment process. Organizations funded at $10,000 or more may also be required to complete a post-funding report.

Where multi-year contracts are established, the Corporation will prepare a Legal Agreement or Letter of Agreement that you will be asked to sign. You may also be required to complete a post-funding report as a condition of funding.

Please note that requests by telephone may be declined verbally, and that requests by mass mail-out to a generic address may not be acknowledged.

Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries requires you to fill out this web questionnaire. If you want to preview what is needed from us, you can preview the questionnaire by clicking on Printable Form at the top right.  Please do not mail or fax.  Thank you for considering us as a potential partner.  We wish all organizations success with your events.

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Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries

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